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Why Community Banks Are Different and Better!


By: Ken Moore, President/CEO of Anahuac National Bank

The banking system has been in the news a lot recently, particularly failed banks. But not all banks are created equal. In stark contrast to the largest national and regional banks, community banks operate under an entirely different business model. As a community bank, our model is based on local ownership and management and is always relationship focused.

The assets of two recently failed banks, Silicon Valley Bank in California and Signature Bank in New York, were held by a handful of depositors holding massive accounts. These banks’ assets were tied to the volatile tech industry, crypto currency, venture capital investors, and relied heavily on investments in securities. In addition, they experienced rapid growth of up to 200% in a recent two-year period.

How we are different.

This is not the way we do business at Anahuac National Bank family of banks here in Chambers and Liberty Counties. We have thousands of customers with no concentration of just a few depositors. This is a very loyal, stable base of depositors. We invest in our communities everyday by catering to our area’s need for loans to small businesses, commercial real estate purchase and expansion, and home buyers. There is not a single group of customers that would generate liquidity problems.

We do not serve the risky world of tech startups and crypto currency. As a small business ourselves, we take pride in serving the needs of our customers and community—where we all live, work and worship. We are here for the long-haul and want to assure you that you can always count on us for safety and stability. This much more traditional, conservative approach has been our business model for almost 50 years.

Why we are better!

Anahuac National Bank is 47 years old; Barbers Hill Bank is 23 years old; East Chambers County Bank is 16 years old; and Hardin Bank is 5 years old. We have great stability of leadership. I have been a Board of Director, President & CEO of Anahuac National Bank since 1994. Our entire Board of Directors (excluding myself) grew up in Chambers County and all still live in Chambers County.

Chambers County has a moderate natural disaster risk score of 41%. Over the past 20 years, 21 disasters have been declared by the county, most of which related to hurricane incidents. 31% of Chambers County has a moderate or higher wildfire hazard potential, while its 9% average earthquake risk score is very low. In every disaster over the last 29 years, we are the only bank (county-wide) that never changed or modified operating hours due to disaster or storm. That is our continued commitment to our customers and our community, to be here when you need us most.

Anahuac National Bank is the Depository for Chambers County, Anahuac ISD, East Chambers ISD in Winnie, Trinity Bay Conservation District, and the City of Anahuac.

Here is our current financial standing:

  • Total Assets - $355 million
  • Total Deposits - $325 million
  • Total Capital - $31 million
  • Total Loans - $91 million
  • Total Allowance for Loan Loss - $2.2 million
  • Total Investment Portfolio - $178 million

We have attained the success we have today through years of integrity, prudent management, and the faith and trust of our local customers. I invite you to contact me with any concerns you may have. We always appreciate your business and your confidence.