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May Happenings

May Happenings

Chambers County Youth Project Show

On July 30, 1955, members of the East and West Chambers County Farm Bureaus and their families held a picnic in Fort Anahuac Park which included a variety of youth events and games. The success of the picnic resulted in a sense of unity, fellowship, and goodwill among county residents geographically separated by the Trinity River. Influenced by events such as the Farm Bureau picnic, and aware of the need for unity within the county, leaders of various youth, government, and civic organizations began plans for an annual youth show.

Under the direction of the Farm Bureau and the Commissioners Court, the Chambers County Youth Project Show was organized as a noncommercial endeavor to involve area young people and to promote their talents and skills. The first show was held in 1956 at Fort Anahuac Park. Later, facilities were built at this site on land acquired with the cooperation of the J.T. White Family and through donations from the Modesto White Family and the Clifford White Family. The Chambers County Youth Project Show, held at White Memorial Park since 1968, has become a major annual event, involving a variety of county youth groups.

And for over 40 years, Anahuac National Bank has been, not only a sponsor of the Youth Project Show, but has been volume buyer year in and year out.